Packaging Products

Below is a partial listing of various packaging products we are currently able to provide you with, all of which are considered as “stock” items and normally readily available, although some may be subject to a “lead time” of several weeks.


( with matching caps ) in PET, HDPE or Polypropylene
A full line of vitamin bottles and “Packers” is available in PET and HDPE from 75cc to 950cc
A full line of spice bottles is available in PET from 3.5oz. to 28oz.
Small round bottles from 1oz. to 18oz.
Large round bottles from 26oz. to One Gallon.
Oblong and square bottles / jars from 9.5oz. to 160oz.

Caps / Closures

( Lined and Unlined ) in “stock” or “custom” colors
400 Finish from 24mm to 120mm.
Deep Skirt caps from 38mm to 110mm
Dispensing caps ( “Flip-Top” ) from 38mm to 110mm
Specialty Closures ( Tamper-Evident and other ) from 28 to 63mm


( with matching caps ) in HDPE and Polypropylene
Round jars from 1oz. to 40oz.
Printing options available


in natural or white Polypropylene with matching HDPE lids
Oblong canisters 5.24” tall and 6.40” tall
Round canisters 6.0” tall and 8.0” tall
Suitable for Pressure Sensitive or full sleeve shrink labels.

Scoops & Measuring Spoons

Various shapes and sizes from .5cc to 97cc
Engraving options available

Cups, Dairy Containers, etc.

( with matching lids, standard snap or T/E )
Printing options available
Suitable for products such as Yogurt, Cheese, etc.

Tubs, Pails, etc.

( with matching lids, standard snap or T/E )
Round and Non-Round from 6oz. to 7 gallons
Available in white or select colors


Stand-Up or Flat Bottom
Printing options available
Contract filling available

All American Packaging