About Us

By working closely with Purchasing and Packaging Professionals, All American has grown considerably, and is now a highly regarded source of supply by companies large and small. Our “Concept to Consumer” approach has helped launch numerous new products over the years, many of which can still be found on store shelves from coast to coast.

For example; Assisted Gel Spice in converting from glass spice bottles and metal caps to round plastic spice bottles and plastic caps.

Initially the plastic bottles provided were all polypropylene, but Gel has since added a line of PET bottles.
( Note: Gel Spice, located in N.J., is one of the largest packers of spices and seasonings and has customers from coast to coast. )

Assisted NAC Foods, located in N.J., in designing and introducing a new 9.5oz. PET Oblong spice bottle, which has become the “signature item” in their product line of exotic spices and related ethnic food products.

Assisted 4C Foods in the launch of a unique round polypropylene canister that contains seven 1oz. “tubs” of powdered Iced Tea.

All American absorbed the cost of the molds and provided the canister, lid and 1oz. “tub”, along with a printed foil lid for the “tubs”.
( Note: 4C Foods, located in Brooklyn, N.Y., is a Private Label Manufacturer of Iced Tea products for customers from coast to coast. )

Assisted Associated Brands / Tree House in launching an oblong polypropylene canister similar to the “Crystal Light” canister.

All American absorbed the cost of the molds and provided the canister(s) and lid that contain “sticks” of powdered Iced Tea.
( Note: Associated Brands is located in Upstate N.Y., and is part of the Tree Hose family of well known food companies. )

We maintain strong relationships with each of our suppliers, all of whom have Quality Control systems that meet or exceed the requirements for the products manufactured for the industries we serve. Documentation of same is readily available, and audits are welcome as well.

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